The Turntable Deck

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The Turntable Deck

An audio supplier approached Claro with a concept for a top of the range turntable deck and asked if we could help. We developed the idea and produced full manufacturing drawings and models.


Prototyping & Reviewing

Claro produced a prototype and carried out a design review. The initial design / motor did not meet all that was required and the design was developed further.

We designed a unique pulley / motor system, which enabled the turntable to run both silently and efficiently and was incorporated within the platter.

The key was dedicated perseverance to achieve the desired end result; and this we are not only renowned for, but extremely proud of.

Designed for Manufacture

The turntable was designed to meet this niche market’s requirements; whilst keeping it cost effective to manufacture. With our extensive manufacturing knowledge we can design your product cost effectively.

Assembled & Tested

Claro have recently won the Metal Working Production Award for Best Subcontractor – Assembly & Finishing. We take great pride in supplying product that looks and feels great and we are very pleased to receive this recognition.

We have fully assembled the turn table and made further improvements during the assembly and testing stage.

CE Marked

Claro have coordinated the CE marking with documentary evidence to support that it complies in every way to the applicable EU directives.

A technical file for the product has been prepared in line with EU legislation.

Packaged, labeled & ready to sell

In conjunction with the customer’s requirements we have designed the packaging, instructions for use and labelling. The product is supplied to the customer ready to sell.

Rave Review

The May 2009 edition of “Hi Fi Choice” features the Lumley Heliosphere turn table deck. This review gives great reflection of the high sound quality, excellent design and aesthetic features of the product.

New Line

With the agreement of our customer Claro is now launching the “Clarity 09” turntable deck. This has advanced features and aesthetics. Those interested should contact Pete Curran on 01423 799923

I have been delighted both with your efforts and resolve. And would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the hard work put in. Hopefully it will be reflected in the sales of the product and subsequent orders for yourselves.
Peter James
Claro Audio