Accessibility Statement

Creating accessible web sites isn’t purely altruistic – though there’s nothing wrong with a little altruism.

Accessible web sites are more easily ‘read’ by search engines such as Google, so are more likely to appear near the top of searches.

And, because accessible web sites are built by people with technical skill (not just graphic designers who just design a brochure with clickable buttons and claim its a web site), they tend to be easier to use and navigate (no hidden menus for us, thank you very much).

As far as we know, this web site is as accessible as it could possibly be whilst maintaining a strong design presence. (Do you know otherwise? Please let us know.)

However you are accessing this site, you should have no problems reading and interacting with it.

The font size can be easily changed and the site uses external style sheets to dictate the layout (so those of you with screen readers shouldn’t have any problems with the apparent ‘columns’) and, where relevant, images are tagged appropriately.

This site has been tested in the most popular modern browsers but if you have any problems accessing this web site, please let us know and we’ll do our best to sort the problem.

If you do contact us, please let us know as much technical detail as you can about your set-up (web browser, operating system etc). Thanks.